Holographic Quality Video/Music Performance System



About Hologlyphics

3D animations, floating in free space. Viewed without 3D glasses or projection screens.

In 1994 Artist / Musician Walter Funk began work on Hologlyphics, attempting to merge music, video art and holography. Looking at technologies beyond holography led to his pioneering artistic use of volumetric displays and augmented reality for art and entertainment. 

Appearing on over 30 released recordings, he has recorded or performed live music with Fifty Foot Hose, Kwisp, Mandible Chatter, John Cage, Sky Saxon, Huun-Hurr-Tu, and Daevid Allen.

Walter studied holography at The Holography Institute and music at Center for New Music and Audio Technology, UC Berkeley.  

Hologlyphics combines elements of holography, music, video art, kinetic sculpture, improvisation and visionary film to create a unique new artform.


Portable Volumetric Video Synth -

Modular analog volumetric video synthesizer- patch programmable by 'patch wires'.

Generates Hyper-Chaotic patterns, capable of ultra high frequency cross-modulations. Can also bend ultrasonic sidebands down into the audio range for audio synthesis and processing.