Stereoscopic Movies without 3D Glasses or projection screens





Proceeding of Stereoscopic Displays and Applications, XXIII

History of Autostereoscopic Cinema     PDF

Lost chapters in the secret history of 3D movies & photography revealed!

Stereoscopic portraits, no 3D glasses required, for sale in 1862.

Stereoscopic theaters open to public, no 3D glasses. Russia 1940s-1960s. France 1950s.

Proceeding of Stereoscopic Displays and Applications, XIX

Hologlyphics: Volumetric Image Synthesis Performance System    PDF

Outlines development of the Hologlyphic Funkalizer.

System and technique for volumetric video synthesis and autostereoscopic movies.

Stereoptiplexer Cinema System "outside looking in"  -     PDF

Article introduces first version of pioneering stereoscopic movie system, The Stereoptiplexer.

Invented in the 1960's, it records and reproduces stereoscopic movies without 3D glasses.



Animac Analog 3D Animation      PDF

Without modeling software or even a CPU in sight, The Animac produced complex 3D animations unlike anything else in its time.

It began in the late 50s as The Bone Generator, and evolved into the Animac in the 1960s.